The Dream Job- Professional Travel Writer. Ambitious yet attainable? I’ve always believed in pursuing a career that makes you a happy and fulfilled person. Travel is definitely one of my biggest passions, along with horse riding which has also taken me to endless destinations within Victoria, so what better career to aspire to than to be a writer who gets to travel around the world, documenting experiences that other people can learn from. Fortunately, I have been able to travel extensively through Europe and Asia and hold a strong desire to explore and observe many more countries, cultures and cuisines. I’m never completely satisfied with one trip overseas and constantly crave to tick-off further destination on my expanding ‘bucket list’. With each piece of writing I hope to portray the places I have visited in a visual, enlightening way, to clearly highlight the true essence of each destination.  By using different digital mediums I have also captured my experience from many angles and now I have permanent reminders of all my amazing experiences.  Through this blog I wish to enhance my skills as a writer and further educate my readers by positively or negatively representing my experiences. I appreciate that many people travel and may take a different opinion or understanding to a particular place so I can only offer my firsthand knowledge yet somewhat biased viewpoint. Throughout my blog I also discuss the evolution of technology and the many ways it is constantly influencing us. Technology is a key factor in how we explore the world around us and my blog discusses the way the digital age has both inhibited us socially and assisted our hunger to be current, motivated and inspired. This travel blog is a personal account and constant reminder of all the remarkable experiences I have had, open for other people to reflect on 🙂


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