Everyone, in their own right, has the potential to be artists. Digital mediums are now more affordable than ever with the GoPro setting you back around $300; a small price to pay for the versatility and possibilities it provides. The twenty-first century has granted individuals the ability to be their very own directors, producers and editors and through YouTube we can get our works of art out there for everyone to see. Technology is now accessible for every ambitious artist to be exposed to bigger and better things. YouTube provides its users with the capacity to fund their hobbies and further their careers through advertising exposure. Using the GoPro, artists can really capture the atmosphere of their surroundings and truly take their viewers to a whole new level of camera angles and high definition filming literally straight from their backyards. I love how the GoPro really takes the viewer places while creating a completely different perspective of varying locations. The GoPro, if attached to the front of a helmet, can act as a bird’s eye view, as it projects the environment seen directly from the artist’s eyes. The GoPro serves as the medium to project an individual’s unique experience and then can be uploaded for everyone to see.

Here are some pictures of my boyfriend and I experimenting with the GoPro. These include the landscapes of the New Zealand mountain ranges around Auckland before Ed went bungy jumping and snowboarding in Queenstown.

Here I am testing out the GoPro while riding my horse on the Mornington Peninsula. The equestrian community and other sport communities alike can use the GOPRO device to explore new destinations from a very physical angle. The use of the GoPro from a rider’s perspective can be extremely helpful from teaching a new riding exercise to exploring new trail riding destinations. The GoPro can share experiences to other sport enthusiasts, taking the visual to a whole new dimension. Many riders use GoPros on a daily basis to record progress and correct bad habits. A good example of a positive to using the GoPro is for when horse riders fall off, especially as a result of a jump. The rider can then look back on what caused the fall and hopefully fit the problem.

Today, everything has been down sized into small, compact and portable devices. Gone are the days of embarrassing dads with their oversized camera recorders and bulky video tapes that we end up recording over anyway. The GoPro is a prime example of a video camera that is a quarter of the size of what they were ten years ago with twenty times the value. The new GoPro Hero 2 advertisement reflects the quality and the endless possibilities it grants its users. Whether it be skateboarding in New York (experimenting with new camera angles) or snowboarding in New Zealand the GoPro takes video to a whole new level. The power is literally in our hands as we can now capture our movement, skill, surroundings and expression. Through personal film making and internet coverage, advertising can grant users the collective power that can promote change, influence politics, and appreciate the arts. The GoPro, despite its affordability, give the artists a real sense of professionalism and quality. It provides sport enthusiasts in particular the opportunity to get themselves noticed through mediums such as YouTube and put themselves out there to the public to be critiqued and encouraged.


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