“Okay guys you’ve got fifteen minutes for lunch”, camp leader Andy yelled out as we pulled up to the beckoning Golden Arches. Little did he know it would take me at least fifteen minutes to disembark the bus, let alone eat and get back onto the bus. I may be over exaggerating but I felt pain in muscles I never even knew I had. I had a blister on very toe, I could barely walk, I was sleep deprived and my ankles had swelled up to the point where I couldn’t fit my shoes back on.

Before the severe sand storm hit us…

The journey that had lead up to this point was a three day University camp hike through Wilson’s Promontory, on the southernmost point of the Australian mainland. The fact that Wilson’s Promontory has a total population of two people shows that this haven for campers near and far, is truly the epitome of isolation. Distant from the world of digital status and blogging, I set myself a task to mentally document my experience away from technology and expose myself to the reality of the raw elements I was going to endure over the three days spent hiking through the Prom. I didn’t really have a choice as we had no phone or internet connection. Part of me was relieved I didn’t have to reply to an email or contact my boyfriend; at least I had a legitimate excuse. I think we get so caught in the world of technology that we forget to sit back and enjoy our surroundings. This camp made me appreciate the luxuries I take for granted at home but it also made me aware of how refreshing it is to remove myself from the digital environment and relish in the fresh air and serenity of the vast landscapes the Prom offered.

Tranquil waters of Wilson’s Promontory

So far from comfort and exposed to the unforgiving elements, rain, hail or shine we had to keep going through it all until we reach our campsite each night. However, my experience of the unique destination of Wilson’s Promontory was worth every blister. I learnt of endurance and what is takes to persevere through pain and doubt to achieve a shared goal. I think as a group of university students we really appreciated the time away from the chaos and demands of assignments and the reliance on technology. I recommend Wilson’s Promontory to anybody who needs a break from the stresses of work life or the pressure to stay connected. This isolation gives you the freedom to relieve yourself of a wired lifestyle and allows you to completely remove yourself from the digital world that so heavily surrounds us.


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