Since as long as I can remember, my family and I have been going to the Market on Saturday mornings to get the weekly fresh food shop. The Market truly has something for everyone. My Mum can’t go past the boutique clothes shops and when I was younger I was constantly being dragged away from the plenty of toy stalls which sold an array of plastic fake barbies and jumping, barking mechanical puppies. Now that I’m a bit older, my appreciation for quality foods has definitely grown; my favourite section of the Market is the Delhi. The breads, chesses and olives are mostly Australian made and the customer service is impeccable as they allow taste testing (which usually makes it harder to choose).

If you’re looking for something cheap for all the kids to eat for lunch the ladies behind the Borek Stall will whip them up a delicious lamb, vegetarian, or cheese and spinach treat for a mere $2.50.

If the food isn’t enough to draw you into market life well the Wednesday Spring Night Markets might be more what you are into. The Night Markets are when the Queen Vic truly comes alive as the live bands crank up the music, and the crowds come down to indulge in some Spanish sangria and to dance the night away with friends. The sheds are bustling with people and the warm nights are perfect way to share a plate of food and explore the many boutique clothes stalls that are a speciality for the Night Markets.

Going to the Markets is a fantastic way to support local farmers and the food they produce. It is also the perfect chance to escape depressing supermarkets and experience a morning outdoors instead. Once you’ve finished wandering the endless aisle of the sheds and bought the weekly shop, your visit to the Market isn’t complete without a hot, German Bratwurst for lunch and hot jam donuts for the car trip home… YUMMO!


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